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At Friesland Campina, life revolves around milk around the clock. The company has a multifaceted history of innovation. This ranges from special milk foaming to Lattiz. Margrethe Jonkman, Corporate Director Reseach & Development at Friesland Campina: "We will continue to surprise customers and entrepreneurs in the hotel and catering industry in the future as well."

Text Marlies Jansen

Margrethe Jonkman has been taking avid interest in milk since she researched proteins in ice cream for her dissertation after studying food technology. She can talk for hours about this beautiful natural product. "Milk is delicious and no other natural liquid contains so many nutrients. Proteins, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids: Milk is so rich. And you can really make a lot of products out of it. If you add lab-ferment, it becomes cheese. With thickeners, you get pudding. If you beat it and heat it up, coffee or tea have a completely different experience for every palate," she says.

Under Jonkman's leadership, 400 experts at FrieslandCampina's Dutch Innovation Centre are continuously researching the unique composition and properties of milk. "We ask ourselves a lot of questions, for example: What new products and uses can we develop? What is the demand from different customers worldwide? How do we make even healthier baby food? Can we create a new, delicious dessert? How can we stabilise the foam so that you get constant stability? And what gives our Vifit Sport bar the perfect bite?"

Lattiz is a beautiful example of the combination of the technology and maket needs

Lattiz makes a difference

Jonkman enjoys bridging the gap between scientific and technological developments and customer needs. "We always ask ourselves: How do we make a difference? Lattiz is a nice example of technology and these needs coming together."

In the meantime, around 11.000 Lattiz machines have already been put in use throughout Europe. The number is constantly growing, and that's not surprising: Lattiz makes milk foam for six barista-quality cups in just one minute. What's more, the machine is easy on the eyes. And thanks to the efficient bag-in-box system and the automatic rinsing function, it no longer needs to be cleaned. With Lattiz, anyone can create perfect milk foam. This makes Lattiz ideal for catering establishments with changing staff and high peak times. Another practical feature: Once the bag-in-box is opened, the milk can be kept outside the fridge for ten days. Margrethe Jonkman: "Our milk was specially developed for the combination with this machine. We always pay attention to: What do we use the milk for and how? Only then do we begin to develop a suitable product."

Simply magical

The combination of milk and coffee is magical, says Margrethe Jonkman. "We believe milk makes coffee." Why you ask? "It's not just one thing. It's about combining flavours and the mouthfeel. Good foam is velvety smooth, it feels wonderful. Milk takes the intense flavour of coffee away and at the same time creates certain accents," explains the milk expert. "It can be varied ceaselessly with the ratio between the amount of milk and the foam. It just depends: Which accents are crucial? It's nice to play with the idea of adding your own signature. Of course, all this only works within clear profiles; a cappuccino is different from a latte."

Experts of foaming

FrieslandCampina has been developing milk for coffee in various countries since 1951. These include "Black & White" for Hong Kong and the well-known "Goudband" and "Halvamel" in the Netherlands. Just a small drop of it is enough to reduce coffee flavours and turn it in a completely different, rich flavour profile. Jonkman: "Warm milk in coffee is different." But how do you know which milk is best for which coffee? By varying it with the fats and proteins contents, you ultimately influence the experience for your palate. "More fat makes the taste creamier, the proteins are important for foam development and lactose gives it slightly sweet taste. If the milk contains too little protein or fat, the foam becomes like that of soapy water, it's too loose and sinks quickly," she says.

For cappuccinos and lattes, there's Lattiz, Friesche Vlag Opschuimmelk (Friesche Vlag Foaming Milk) and Campina Biologisch, which, thanks to its creamy consistency, makes a perfect base. The foaming milk was developed together with baristi especially for catering professionals. Owing to the optimal composition of fats and proteins, the milk is easy to foam and the foam remains stable longer. Another advantage is that the milk can be stored outside the fridge.

Current trends

Coffee with milk continues to be popular. Jonkman: "Even a small coffee bar now has at least nine varieties on offer. The Australian Flat White is currently on the rise. And Chai Latte, because you can do quite a lot with milk in your tea." More and more customers are drinking coffee away from home.

"They therefore expect more from their coffee because they pay for it and many customers already have a good coffee machine at home. Nevertheless, people like to be charmed over by a coffee special outside the home, for instance." There are more and more variations for your palate with which entrepreneurs can live out their creativity - take the American Pumpkin Spice or a Vanilla Ice Latte for example. FrieslandCampina helps entrepreneurs expand their category of brews. On one hand by sharing knowledge: how to make the perfect coffee - from grinding the beans to creating good milk foam. On the other hand by inspiring, but also by offering means to increase sales. The coffee menu cards, for instance, are often used by entrepreneurs in the hotel and restaurant industry. What does the future have in store? Jonkman: “We shall keep the ball rolling with further developments and products can always be improved. We will continue to surprise you."

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