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tips for optimal hygiene

Business tips for optimal hygiene, for restaurant professionals

Did you know that the Lattiz machine and pack, meet the highest hygienic standards? This article explains the optimal hygiene of the Lattiz solution.

Good milk foam

Good milk foam is like velvet

At FrieslandCampina, life revolves around milk around the clock. This ranges from special milk foaming to Lattiz.

Norman Magolei

Norman Magolei

A professional barista without an outlet of his own.

5 tips from Colin Harmon | Lattiz

5 tips from Colin Harmon

It takes a whole lot to run a coffee bar or a coffee house. Colin Harmon, wrote a whole book about it.

Praline latte recipe 1 | Lattiz

Praline latte

Inspired by the chocolate served with your coffee.

Dirty chai latte recipe 1 | Lattiz

Dirty winter chai latte

Getting through winter has never been easier.

Apple pie latte recipe 1 | Lattiz

Apple pie latte

The Dutch classic, but with a twist!

Kiosk Amersfoort Centraal

1100 cups of coffee per day

The dynamic in the Kiosk stores at Amersfoort Central Station cannot be compared to other coffee bars: speed is crucial.

Cherry Blossom Green Tea Latte - 1 | Lattiz

Cherry Blossom Green Tea Latte

The refresher for both your guests and your menu

Iced donut  Latte - 1 | Lattiz

The Iced donut latte

Surprise every sweet tooth with this donut special

Jasmin Syrup Latte - 1 | Lattiz

Jasmin Syrup Latte

Serve spring in a glass with this latte special.

Matcha green tea latte

Matcha green Tea Latte

Surprise your guests with this latte special.

Pistache latte

Pistache latte

Delicious combination between pistachio and coffee.

Strawberry sorbet latte

Strawberry sorbet latte

Summer sorbet latte, fruity and velvety soft.

Cold brew iced latte

Cold brew iced latte

For a refreshing boost to your day!

Iced banana coconut latte

Iced banan coconut latte

A delicious tropical latte to treat your guests!

Always the same quality cappuccinos with Lattiz

Always the same quality with Lattiz and it couldn’t be easier!

350 cups of coffee are served every day, 75% of which are cappuccinos. F&B Manager Folkert van der Jagt of NH Hotel Jan Tabak no longer wants to be without the Lattiz machine: “That would be at the expense of quality”.

Customer story Troubadour | Lattiz

Modern and nostalgic

"Two years ago, a fire destroyed the whole building. It was a drama, but we didn't throw in the towel. After a year of rebuilding we reopened with new interior and a new concept''

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant ByZoo Emmen

All because of Lattiz's constant quality and hygiene

At the new Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant ByZoo Emmen (, guests can go for a latte or cappuccino 24/7.

The cappuccino

The cappuccino

The classic. A lively espresso shot enriched with hot milk and perfect milk foam.

 The latte macchiato

The latte macchiato

Turn heads with layers of hot milk, espresso and milk foam on top.

The heart

The heart

Put a smile on everyone's face. You can learn to do it with our easy steps.

The tulip

The tulip

Flower art in your coffee, with multiple leaves for stunning effect.

The swan | Lattiz

The swan

Up for the challenge? Create an elegant floating swan for customers.

Red velvet latte | Lattiz

Red velvet latte

Surprise customers with this popular pink beauty. Who could resist it?

Coconut chocolate latte | Lattiz

Chocolate coconut latte

A creamy delight with coconut and chocolate to spoil your customers.

Coffee fuelling | Lattiz

Coffee fueling

The times of old-fashioned petrol station coffee are over - at least at Shell.

Cookie latte | Lattiz

Cookie latte

Treat the cookie lovers with this great special.

Tiramisu latte | Lattiz

Tiramisu latte

A combination of tiramisu and a delicious cup of coffee.

Hot chocolate | Lattiz

Hot chocolate

Rich taste and guaranteed to make your customers happy.

Müller & Egerer Bakery

The idea is simply brilliant!

Müller & Egerer - Deine Backstube currently runs 60 branches across northern Germany.

Gingerbread latte | Lattiz

Gingerbread latte

Spicy and warm. Great for the cold winter months.

Iced caramel latte | Lattiz

Iced caramel latte

Ideal for summer, tempt customers on a hot day with this icy special.

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