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The smart solution for perfect milk foam.

Today, people love lattes and cappuccinos and they account for more than 40% of all coffees sold. The great looks and taste are all in the milk foam. Perfect milk foam is crucial to making customers happy and increasing sales. With Lattiz, you can serve high quality milk foam at the touch of a button.

Let's take a closer look.

Lattiz offers high quality milk foam every time. It's easy to use and fast. Happy guests and increased sales guaranteed.

How it works
Let's take a closer look. | Lattiz

Six preset buttons.

  • Choose your milk amount and percentage of foam
  • The 6 buttons are adjusted to your preferences and cup sizes

Take a look inside.

  • No cooling, no milk waste
  • One pack can stay in the machine for up to 10 days without cooling

One 4 litre Lattiz pack.

  • Up to 140 cappuccinos
  • Less packaging waste
  • Every pack comes with new disposable connector

Used by many. Enjoyed by more.

Lattiz in practice.

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