The heart

Take a seat, because foam and pouring lessons from multiple latte art champion Esther Maasdam are something very special. In 5 steps you'll learn to make hearts like a pro.


The heart

Step 1

Use Lattiz to fill your jug with milk foam and swirl it well. Pour out some foam to be able to pour the first cappuccino Then pour the foam back into the jug. Swirl well and pour out the second cappuccino.

The heart

Step 2

For latte art, keep your cup tilted. Pour one from a little height thin jet of milk in the espresso. If there are white spots you can pour over them with your jet making them disappear.

The heart

Step 3

Move your jug down, increase your radius and make sure you move the spout just above the coffee.

The heart

Step 4

Move the spout at approximately 1.5 centimeters from the edge that's closest to your milk jug. Pour the cup full. Hold your jug ​​and the cup a little more uptight, so that your radius becomes smaller again.

The heart

Step 5

Move your jug up and extend a thin jet of milk through your figure while you go to the other side of the cup. There you go: the heart.

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