The swan

Multiple latte art champion Nick Vink made a moose during the world championship in Budapest in 2017. In this tutorial he explains how to create another favourite of his: the swan.

Photography Medea Huisman

Step 1

Use Lattiz to fill - photo 4300 | Lattiz

Step 1

Use Lattiz to fill your jug with milk foam and swirl it well. Pour some of the upper foam away before you pour the milk.

The swan

Step 2

For latte art, you always tilt the cup slightly. Pour a thin jet of milk into the espresso. If white spots appear, you can pour over it with your jet so they disappear.

The swan

Step 3

Move the jug down, increase your radius and make sure that you sit with the spout just above the coffee at about 1.5 cm from the edge that's furthest from your milk jug. Pour the cup full until a half moon is visible and stop.

The swan

Step 4

Reinsert the jet, fill it up and then move, as you do with a rosetta, with a wavy movement towards yourself.

The swan

Step 5

Instead of passing the milk jet through the center of the rosetta waves, pull the jet along one side of the rosetta. This creates the wing.

The swan

Step 6

As soon as you reach the bottom of the wing, drag the jug towards you to make the swan's neck. When you reach the top of the cup, bend the swan's neck in a U-shape.

The swan

Step 7

Finally, it is the turn of the swan's head. For this, move your jug close to the coffee and pour a mini heart. Then lift up for a thin jet and finish the heart. There you go: the swan.

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