The tulip

Three, four, five layers in a flat white… The tulip brings out the competitive feeling in baristas. Dutch latte art championship and coffee masters finalist Rob Clarijs explains how to create this favourite.

Text and photography Joey Rietveld

The tulip

Step 1

Use Lattiz to fill your jug with milk foam and swirl it well. Pour some foam away so that a nice, smooth structure remains. Slightly tilt the cup. Pour the milk from a height of about ten centimeters in a thin jet with a circular motion into the espresso. If white spots appear, you can pour over them to make them disappear.

The tulip

Step 2

Move the jug down so that the nozzle of the milk jug almost touches the espresso. Pour a little harder or possibly with a subtle shaking motion to pour foam out of the jug. Pour until a half moon arises and then stop.

The tulip

Step 3

Make another half moon with the spout almost on the espresso. Now pour with a pushing movement in the direction of the crescent moon that you made before.

The tulip

Step 4

Repeat the process from step 3 several times to "stack" the petals of the tulip one above the other. Tip: the harder the pushing movement, the more the tulip's leaves will fold around each other.

The tulip

Step 5

After the last half-moon, lift the jug to make a thin beam and pour through the different half-moons. This ensures the moons will form the recognisable leaves of the tulip.

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