The latte macchiato

Latte macchiato literally means stained milk. It consists of 3 layers of milk, espresso and milk foam. It looks delicious and delights customers.

The latte macchiato | Lattiz

Step 1

Place the glass under the Lattiz machine and fill the glass to about 1 cm from the edge with milk foam. Wait until the milk foam and hot milk are nicely separated.

 The latte macchiato

Step 2

Pour the espresso into the middle of the glass: this leaves the characteristic mark on top of the foam.

 The latte macchiato

Step 3

There it is, the perfect Latte Macchiato. Tip: add a bit of hot water to the espresso, this will help to create the typical 3 layers.

Variation idea

Get inspired and also try serving this latte with syrup or ice.

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