Red velvet latte

Want to give your customers a real treat? Make them a beautiful red velvet latte.

Ingredients for syrup

  • 1 litre of beet juice
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 450 ml White chocolate syrup
  • vanilla extract or 1/2 vanilla stick

Ingredients for latte

  • 30 ml red velvet syrup
  • 30 ml espresso
  • Freeze-dried raspberry
  • Lattiz milk foam

How to make the syrup

Boil the beet juice with sugar and vanilla extract or bean stew. Allow to cool and add the syrup. Store in a sealed gift bottle.

How to make the latte

  1. Pour 30 ml of red velvet syrup into the glass
  2. Hold the glass at an angle and pour the milk foam to about 1 cm from the rim
  3. Pour the espresso into the middle of the glass
  4. Garnish with freeze-dried raspberry
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