Boost your business with perfect milk foam


Serve quality

High quality milk foam, cup after cup. Anyone can do it. Perfect for latte art.

Save time

One touch of a button.
No waiting.
No cleaning (ever).

Sell more

Happy customers come back.
Serve more at the same time.
Increase coffee sales and profit.

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Answers to your questions.

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How does Lattiz work?

With Lattiz you create perfect milk foam every time. Being a good host comes with challenges: it requires skill, time and attention to offer your customers a great coffee experience. Lattiz is available at relatively affordable cost, needs no cleaning and will be installed for you without charge.

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What is Lattiz?

Lattiz is the smart milk solution for perfect milk foam, designed for professional use. It consists of a machine and a 4L pack, also called a bag-in-box. Once the pack is opened and inserted in the machine, it serves perfect milk foam at the touch of a button. You can adjust the settings completely to your wishes by means of the touchscreen on the machine.

Where can I buy Lattiz?

You can buy Lattiz from one of our certified Lattiz partners. If you're interested, go ahead and arrange an appointment with us.

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Is Lattiz the right choice for me?

Lattiz is the smart milk solution that makes it easy to sell more coffee. If you're in a foodservice business and want to offer your customers a great coffee experience, it's designed for you. We understand that staff rotation can be high, consistency is hard to achieve, and preparing milk coffees takes time. Meanwhile, customers expect constant high quality and they don't want to wait. If you recognise this, Lattiz is the solution for you.

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What about sustainability?

With Lattiz, you reduce milk waste and packaging waste. The pack is recyclable and made from FSC certified carton. Lattiz does not contain any ingredients from GMO origin.

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