The popularity of cappuccino and latte macchiato has grown enormously in recent years, leading to an increased demand for great quality frothed milk. Consumers in cafés, bars and restaurants have come to expect high quality barista-style drinks. Consistency is paramount in delivering excellent cappuccino and latte to your customers and varying grades of frothed milk can impact their experience. Luckily, FrieslandCampina has the solution.

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Lattiz Machine


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Lattiz Machine

What is Lattiz®?

The perfect latte will keep your customers coming back for more. And because not all your staff are qualified baristas, FrieslandCampina has developed the Lattiz®: a machine that delivers consistent barista-quality frothed milk to meet the demands of this growing market. At the push of a button, Lattiz® delivers frothed milk for six cappucinos per minute to meet peak demand. The innovative frothing technology guarantees constant, velvety smooth frothed milk for a range of latte types, making Lattiz® the ultimate revolution in frothed milk for the hospitality industry.

The barista standard for success
perfect frothed milk every time

The barista standard for success

‘Good milk can not make a bad coffee good, but bad milk can ruin a good coffee.’

No matter who is operating the machine
Discover just how easy it is
1 push of the button

Discover just how easy it is

‘In the past you would have needed a top-class barista, now any member of staff can create perfect frothed milk.’

One push of a button delivers exceptional
Quick and good
6 cappuccino's per minute

Quick and good

‘Time is money and your customers value quick service. A win-win situation with potential for the future.‘

Lattiz® enables you to serve a top quality

In practice

Lattiz® is the revolution for milk froth in the hospitality industry, specifically designed for professionals. We can say that, but what do the users and consumers say about Lattiz®; the machine, the service, the maintenance and the result?

Piet Scholtes

Grand Bras

Lattiz® is a very user-friendly device. With Lattiz® we can offer far more variety.’

Marcel Geurts

Royal HFC

Our expectations about the milk froth quality have been surpassed.

Renée Olsthoorn

Cafe Intratuin
‘s Gravenzande

‘The quality is incredibly good. With Lattiz® it's a world of difference, absolutely.’


    Savings on costs for:

  • - training and cleaning (especially with semi-automatic machines)
  • - maintenance (especially with fully automatic machines)
  • - product / no waste
  • - storage (refrigerated)
  • - effort / efficient use
  • Lower costs

    Additional revenue

  • - by better, more consistent quality
  • - by increased speed
  • Higher profits


  • With Lattiz® you get your costs down and your sales go up. While you can offer your customers the best product in no time.

Try Lattiz® now!

Do the savings, convenience and expected additional revenue with the Lattiz® froth machine convince you?

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1 push of the button
perfect frothed milk every time
6 cappuccino's per minute

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