Latte made easy

Lattiz® is the revolution for milk froth in the hospitality industry. With one push of the button Lattiz® delivers barista-quality frothed milk for six cappucinos per minute!

Try Lattiz!
Altijd perfect melkschuim
perfect milk froth
every time
1 druk op de knop
one push
of the button
6 cappucinos per minuut
6 cappuccinos
per minute

Lattiz® in practice

How do Lattiz® users experience the quality of the frothed milk, the ease of the operation and the speed of the machine?

Carel van der Horstbutton_play
Carel van der Horst
Caatje aan de Lek

'Lattiz® is a fantastic device and there's actually no need to clean it: It cleans itself'

Whitney Gibsonbutton_play
Whitney Gibson
Buurten in de Fabriek (Utrecht)

'Lattiz® is a real solution: we are able to work twice as fast now!'

André Triepbutton_play
Andre Triep
Strandclub WIJ (Scheveningen)

'Lattiz® really offers the quality we stand for'

Lattiz machine

Advantages of Lattiz®


days unrefrigerated

after opening the bag-in-box



from one bag-in-box


Optimal hygiene:

no contact between product,
device and employee


sustainable energy label

and less waste