Lattiz® in practice

How do Lattiz® users experience the quality of the frothed milk, the ease of the operation and the speed of the machine?

Carel van der Horstbutton_play
Carel van der Horst
Caatje aan de Lek

'Lattiz® is a fantastic device and there's actually no need to clean it: It cleans itself'

Whitney Gibsonbutton_play
Whitney Gibson
Buurten in de Fabriek (Utrecht)

'Lattiz® is a real solution: we are able to work twice as fast now!'

André Triepbutton_play
Andre Triep
Strandclub WIJ (Scheveningen)

'Lattiz® really offers the quality we stand for'


The smart milk solution that makes it easy to sell more coffee

Serve quality

high quality milk foam, every time

anyone can do it

perfect for latte art

Save time

high quality milk foam at the touch of a button

speed to serve, no waiting

no cleaning (ever)

Sell more

happy customers come back

increase coffee sales and profit

serve more customers at the same time