Frequently asked questions




  • What is the energy label of Lattiz®?
    Lattiz® meets the criteria of energy label A++.
  • How much milk will be wasted when using the Lattiz machine?
    The milk volume is measured exactly per coffee cup, and therefore there will be no waste of milk when using a Lattiz® machine.
  • Does Lattiz reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption?
    Lattiz® use one Bag-in-Box, against 17.5 litre packs, for 140 servings. Because less cooling space is required, Lattiz saves energy. Use of fewer milk packs means less waste, but at the same time also requires less transport to deliver the milk packs, resulting in less harmful emissions.
  • Is there a special way to clean Lattiz?
    The machine does not require special cleaning. All the parts that come into contact with milk are removed after use. The machine is flushed after exchanging a bag-in-box and at the beginning and end of the day. Besides this it's not nessesarry to deepclean the machine which will saves you a lot of cleaning materials and (hot) water.